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  • We lend more than any other financier
  • Expert advice and support for your business
  • Custom solutions to help you grow

Apply today for a no obligation pre-approval and there is no credit check needed to determine eligibility.

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Uncapped finance for small

We back your business with the cash, advice and support you need to grow.

• We will lend you more than any other financier in the
• Your credit limit automatically increases as your business
grows, no re-application process
• We work with start-ups and businesses with bad credit, tax
debt and adverse history
• Quick funding for equipment purchases and working
capital to help you grow
• No fixed principal and interest repayments


I looked everywhere for a business financier before I found Vue Finance. They instantly made my life easier by outlining their flexible finance options to suit my business’s needs perfectly. Their funding was a game-changer for my small business that unlocked its potential and took it to the next level.

Why we’re different…

Our team have been working with Australian small businesses for over 25 years’ and know how difficult it is to access the funds you need to service new contracts, purchase more equipment and pay wages.

Bigger banks and financial institutions are reluctant to support small businesses, putting unnecessary roadblocks in the way that stop them from reaching their full potential.

• We are a genuine partner to your business who help you
build wealth and operate profitably
• Our easy application process has simple paperwork,
meaning you get cash sooner
• Manage cashflow shortages in quieter months with cash
to meet commitments
• Our team of Commercial Managers are highly skilled and
qualified Chartered Accountants
• No exit fees or penalties to pay out your facility

You can apply for a business loan online here or over the phone by calling us on (07) 3368 9989. The pre-approval process is fast and typically, only takes 24 hours.

Our loans are completely confidential and we do not interfere with how you operate your business. We support you in doing what you do best – running your business.

Pre-approval of your loan is within 24 hours and before crediting your bank account with the funds – we will ask for further information, like your business financials and do some credit checks.

We back your business

Leverage off Your Business Assets

Secure against your business assets and unlock your home.

Trusted Partnerships

Partner with a financial group that cares about your business and will provide advice whenever it’s needed.

Built-in Bookkepping

Connect your Accounting Software. The result is accurately recorded transactions and regularly reconciled accounts.

Confidental and Secure Funding

A cashflow finance facility without your clients knowing.

Revolving Line of Credit

A flexible finance facility like a credit card without the high interest rates and transaction fees.

Debt Collection Service

Avoid the stress and increased costs associated with chasing customers for outstanding invoives.

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